Aohata 9, where the chemistry
between innovation and tradition spark creativity

A nostalgic taste from our childhood that we call it the “good times
A rounded taste filled with memories that our hearts yearn for

Be good to our lives,
be good to our food,
be good to this land
we live in

This is what Aohata 9 is all about Good never starts perfect, it is sewn one seed at a time Many believe changing the tides of the world to be impossible We believe that we can change the world by changing ourselves Back to basics is not difficult, you just have to commit to what is right.

Aohata is a town situated in the city of Buzenshi, Fukuoka Possessing a well-conserved natural environment, full of passionate and happy people They strive to maintain their valuable heritage and culture for thousands of years At the same time, they are open to new-age creative cultural industry It is this unique philosophy that we aspire to become

We are making strides to upholding this philosophy Allow both creativity and tradition to represent the food of our time To retain its authentic taste and its goodness Being good to our land is the only way we can enjoy every goodness that it produces We want to create new colors in our lives through the most natural of foods Bringing farm to table, working with local farmers, and refusing additives is our way to preserve the goodness

If you are wondering what Aohata 9 means It is actually a number to the door The door to the good taste that you once remembered You are seeking the good times that the taste represented in your life Now, let’s open the door together to find that authentic goodness!


Our three main products – Taikoyaki (Wheel Pancake),
Tea, and Ice Creams comes with three flavors that represents our core philosophy


The flavor that will help you remember the good old times

Elevating the authentic, traditional ingredients and flavor stuffed with natural, non-additive filling

Farm to Table

Let our local farmers shine and give back to our community

Produce sourced from local farmers and delivered directly to your table. It is the true value of what we believe a wholesome, good food is. This wholesome goodness embodies the history, geography, cultures, and people of the community. Above all, it represents our commitment to give back to our community.


Combining exotic flavors in a Taiwan dessert that bring fusion flavors to the next level

Fusing Taiwanese, Sichuan, Japanese, Korean, American, and Italian flavors in our food to create an elegant snack masterpiece.




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Taikoyaki Hot

  • North Island Milk
  • Wandan Red beans
  • Dajia Taro
  • Pesto Mushroom
  • Sichuan Spicy Radish
  • Kimchi and Cheese
  • Kuki Kuro Sesame
  • Durian and Cheese
  • Taro and Salted Egg

Taikoyaki Season Limited

  • Jinshan Sweet Potato
  • Juisui Kabocha Squash
  • Banana and Chocolate
:Season Limited
:Holiday Limited

※Menu may vary from store to store, please refer to the store's facebook for more details


How do we infuse new life into something as traditional as an Taikoyaki (Wheel Pancake)?

We want all the filling in the pancake to carry “authenticity” and “honesty” We want every Aohata 9 partners to uphold this promise We care about every order, every customer, and the goodness in our products

To achieve the above, our production time may be a little longer and our orders are also limited. We believe you will love the wholesome good taste that we strive to protect Your patience will allow us to keep the taste and keep our promise to you time and time again.

Other services:

[Corporate and Special Event]
- Customized Taikoyaki (Wheel Pancake)
- Corporate events (afternoon tea)
- Bazaar / Community event
- Delivery services

Feel free to email:

Aohata 9

*Note: services may vary from store to store, please refer to the store’s website for more details


We are looking for like-minded partners who is willing to be good to our lives, be good to our food, and safeguard the “honesty” that we consider our core.

We are now open for:

China local provincial / city region franchising
International franchising
Taiwan local region franchising

Have you lost your way, following the tides of this world? Where your principles are no longer principles of the world? Join us now to find the simple, authentic life you want to create

*Please fill in the form: (LINK)

After review and assessment, we will audition suitable: - International franchising partner - China local provincial / city region partner - Business location (market/department store) partner - Store partner

If you believe what we believe in, we look forward to having you on board.

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