The Flavor of Aohata9 Taikoyaki

The Flavor of Aohata9 Taikoyaki

North Island Milk

Made from 100% North Island, New Zealand Milk. North Island is famous for its natural grass-fed diary cows that produces rich, creamy, and healthy milk

Wandan Red beans

Premium red beans produced locally by farmers in Wandan, South Pingtung. The red beans are perfectly prepared the traditional Japanese 6-step recipe, resulting in a n natural, low sugar bean filling with soft, supple beans.

Dajia Taro

Premium Taro from Dajia region steamed to perfection. Tender, creamy Taro filling full of the refreshing Taro scent is definitely a classis you must try!

Jinshan Sweet Potato

Top quality sweet potatoes from Jinshan region, golden sweet potato with soft, supple fibers only available during winter and spring seasons. A top seasonal choice!

Juisui Kabocha Squash

From the beautiful landscapes in Juisui, Hualien, the Kabocha squash’s tender flesh is derived from the unpolluted, un-urbanized mountainous regions. Available only in summer and autumn, a perfect match with our crispy crust. Five-star recommendation by gourmets!

Pesto Mushroom

Italian fusion flavor – first of its kind for Imagawayaki. Pesto’s rich flavors in combination with multiple types of mushrooms to create a chewy, yet well-layered texture for the filling.

Sichuan Spicy Radish

Dried Radish that is prepared in 17 spicy Sichuan spices for 24 hours, then stir-fried in classic Sichuan style to bring out its full body of flavors. One of a kind fusion that tickles your taste buds!

Kimchi and Cheese

Our secret kimchi recipe matched with high quality imported cheese, created a perfect balance of acidity, spiciness, and the savory taste of cheese. Highly recommended by cheese fanatics!

Kuki Kuro Sesame

A hundred-year-old classic Kuki Kuro black sesame with creamy milk from New Zealand, is the perfect fusion for sweettooths looking for extra rich and milky taste.

Durian and Cheese

Premium Monthong durian, rich in nutrients and also named the king of all fruits is matched with Belgium cheese to change your mind about the acquired taste of durian. After tasting this flavor, many got hooked and take bite after bite.

Taro and Salted Egg

Premium Taro from Dajia with salted egg from a local hundred-year-old store to give you a sweet and savory blend of goodness.

Banana and Chocolate

Fresh, quality Pingtung banana on top of dark chocolate that creates a blend of robust chocolate taste with a rich and creamy banana aftertaste. Teasing every bit of your taste bud!